Cupernham Infant School

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General Information

We follow the Hampshire County Council admissions policy, copies of which can be viewed by clicking these links:

Please make your application directly to the Hampshire County Council Admissions Team. Application forms can be found on line by clicking here.

Reception Aged Children

We follow the Hampshire County Council policy (a downloadable copy is linked above). The admission round starts the year before your child is due to start school. Applications are made on line directly to Hampshire County Council during the admission round. After the closing date, Hampshire County Council allocate places and contacts parents.

Although many of our reception intake are children from Woodley Pre-school we also take children from a wide range of pre-school settings.

Our induction programme includes:

  • Visits and liaison with pre-school settings
  • Fun sessions for parents and children together in the summer term before starting
  • Induction evenings in July and September establishing positive ways of working together
  • Home visits during the first week of September to establish trusting individual relationships
  • A phased start according to need so children quickly gain confidence.
  • Regular information and open communication for working together. This includes half termly updates, curriculum workshops, termly consultations on progress, Forums, newsletters and a readiness to talk informally at any mutually convenient time. All classes have "morning books" outside class for daily communication and there are other "to and fro" communications such as your child's reading diary.

Non-Reception Aged Children

Applications may be made at any time. Application forms can be obtained from the school office and we are able to offer places on agreement with Hampshire County Council. You are welcome to contact us to arrange to visit.

Some documents are stored in PDF format - you will need to install a PDF reader on your computer to view the files. If you do not have a PDF reader program already, please click here to download one.