Cupernham Infant School

Together we care, we learn and we enjoy SUCCESS!

Induction & Transition Support

Induction Into School

We know how vital it is to have a positive start so our experienced staff are active in the local Foundation Stage and pre-school networks.

Staff make visits to children and speak to staff in their pre-school settings wherever possible. We have a series of parents' evenings and special events, such as a Teddy Bears' Picnic with parents and children before the summer break. We then invite parents back in October to explain our provision in more detail with a particular focus on reading and home support.

Home visits are an important part in our induction as they allow each child a unique space and a confident means of gaining trusting relationships with key teaching staff.

Every child's first morning in school includes an invite for parents to share in the morning activities and settling routines before leaving for a coffee and chat as we appreciate that this can be an emotional time for parents as well as children.

A slightly staggered start allows each child to gain confidence and independence in following routines, in knowing how to use the amazing and inviting array of learning environments and to settle happily in play-based learning.

Transition in and beyond our School

We have a solid and consistent team-based approach to teaching and learning. All staff take great care in planning both class structures and flexible learning groupings. Children have the opportunity to meet and work within their new classes on two consecutive mornings in July so they gain confidence. Children with particular needs are given greater support, orientation and social stories to make positive transitions.

We are fortunate to be able to work closely and effectively with our Cupernham Junior School colleagues. Each year we review the impact of our transition activities and information sharing and we have very positive feedback from our colleagues about how comfortably and confidently the children adapt, flourish and mature. We also seek links and opportunities over the year for buddying, audiences for special activities, participating in assemblies and joining together such as the Year 2 and 3 Create a Cupernham Carol competition