Cupernham Infant School

Together we care, we learn and we enjoy SUCCESS!

School Council

  • Each member of School Council has been elected by their class.
  • Each member of School Council has explained why they want the responsibility and how they are going to make sure they do a good job.
  • School Council listen carefully so that they can share the views of their class.
  • School Council make changes to improve our school such as the developing the playground environment and range of play.
  • School Council help solve problems like managing crowded times in the lunch-hall.
  • School Council help represent our school values such as by checking our values statement at the start of each school and by reviewing the messages from displays around the school.
  • School Council meet with the Headteacher each week and share information and ideas discussed in Class Council meetings. They give their class news and actions from School Council so that everyone is involved.