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Year 1 Curriculum Lively Learning

This half term our topic is also "Once Upon A Castle".

We kick off our "Once upon a Castle" topic with a trip to Portchester Castle in Portsmouth. We explore the grounds and we get to think about the different parts of the castle and the people that would have lived there years ago. As a conclusion to our learning we celebrate with a Medieval Day where Year One is taken over by knights, ladies, falconers, and even a jester or two! We bake bread, and experience our own medieval festival with dancing and traditional music.

This half term our topic is "Polar Explorers".

We begin the second Autumn term with a brrrrr….illiant morning to kick start our "Polar Explorers" topic! We fly to the Arctic and Antarctic and discover the different animals that live there. Did you know that polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in the Antarctic?

This half term our topic is "Superheroes".

5..4..3..2..1..Year One Blast off into Spring Term! Lightning Lowden, Chameleon Kirby and Petrifying Parry need help in saving the world, so this term Year One will be superheroes in training! We have great fun thinking of alliterative superhero names, and designing and sewing our own superhero badges! We learn how to green screen and there are lots of missions for us to solve!

This half term our topic is "Meet the Aliens".

Get ready for an alien invasion in year one! A UFO has crashed in our school playground! During this topic we create model aliens and write instructions so that our aliens can get back to their home planet safely. We use 2Animate to make an animation of a spaceship flying through space. We end our topic with a ‘spaceship cinema’.

This half term our topic is "A Land Down Under".

G’day there friends! Year One are off to the land down under this summer! As a hook for our Australia learning we get a visit from Jonathan’s Jungle! Jonathan brings millipedes, snakes, geckos, tarantula’s and a host more friends that we get to learn about, touch and hold! We travel to the depths of Australia and use our learning to write list poems about what we see! Diving through the Great Barrier Reef, stomping through the rainforest, surfing on Bondi Beach, who knows where this adventure will take us?

This half term our topic is "Set Sail".

OoooooArrrrrr me hearties, get ready for a pirate adventure! During this topic we become pirate experts and learn all about life at sea. We work together to write pirate poems and dive into exciting fantasy worlds.

As part of this topic we also learn all about Admiral Lord Nelson and visit the HMS Victory. We learn all about life in the navy and The Battle of Trafalgar. We end this topic with a celebratory pirate day where we finish our pirate training.

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