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Welcome Back!

Year 2's Everything will be OK

Staff Thank You

A wonderful Message from the Year R's

A Lovely Message to you All!

Get Active with Mr Guy

Sports Mark MAy - Launch Video

Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday

Hello Everyone!

Mrs Brown's Pebble Picture Challenge

Miss Hutchins' Statue of Liberty Stair Climb

Mrs Cron's Favourite Animal and Design a Home Challenge

Miss Bailey's Football Challenge

Mrs Parry's Make someone Smile Challenge

Mr Guy's Ball Skill Challenge

Miss Kirby's Journey Stick Challenge

Spider Sandwich Story


Hairy Maclary

Norman the Snail with the Silly Shell

The Jolly Postman

Mr Wolf and The Three Bears

The Lost Penguin

Meerkat Mail

The Tiger who came Tea

Supertato - Veggies in the Valley of Doom

Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

Musical Instruments Quiz

Cued Articulation - a-f

Cued Articulation g-j

Cued Articulation k-o

Cued Articualtion p-t

Cued Articulation u-z

Letter Formation - Curly Caterpillar Letters

Letter Formation - Zig Zag Letters

Letter Formation - Long Ladder Letters

Number Formation

5 - Counting and Multi-representation

6 - Counting and Multi-representation

7 - Counting and Multi-representation

8 - Counting and Multi-representation

9 - Counting and Multi-representation

Top Maths Tips