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End of Year Message from Mr Wells

A Hummingbird Welcome!

A Robins Welcome!

A Woodpecker Welcome!

A Kingfisher Welcome!

A Nightingale Welcome!

Welcome to Year R Video

Meet Mrs Platt (Year Leader) from Penguins

Meet Mrs Lake from Penguins

Meet Mrs Brown from Penguins

Meet Miss Bailey from Sparrows

Meet Mrs Codling from Sparrows

Meet Mrs Hellings and Miss Lowden from Wrens

Meet Mrs Kibbey from Wrens

5 Currant Buns

5 Little Ducks

Old MacDonald had a Farm

Once I Caught a Fish

Welcome Back!

A message to our Year 2

Illustration Poem Challenge

Wren Quiz

Penguins Quiz

Sparrows Quiz

Owls Quiz

Robins Quiz

Hummingbirds Quiz

Woodpeckers Quiz

Kingfishers Quiz

Nightingales Quiz

Year 1, Week 14, Adding Speech Bubbles to a Book Page

Year 1, Week 14, Alphabet Number Challenge

Year 1, Week 14, Maths Around the Home Challenge

Year 1, Week 14, Lego Multiplication

Year 2, Week 14, Compound words

Year 2, Week 14, Role on the wall Mr Grinling

Year 2, Week 14, How many ways can you make 20

Year 2, Week 14, Mr Grinling saw 12 legs What did he see

Year 1, Week 13, Suffix Hunting in story book

Year 1, Week 13, Favourite Moments of Year 1

Year 1, Week 13, Tell a story with your Toys

Year 1, Week 13, Number Bond Bang

Year 2, Week 13, Describe a Character and Find the Alternative Adjective

Year 2, Week 13, Pick 10 Words and Put Them in Alphabetical Order

Year 2, Week 13, Bubbles Story Writing

Year 2, Week 13, Persuade someone to buy a beach hut

Year 2, Week 13, Alphabet Number Challenge

Year 1, Week 12, Writing a Caption

Year 1, Week 12, Read a Story

Year 1, Week 12, Monster Money

Year 1, Week 12, Thinking Tom Ways to Make 11

Year 1, Week 12, Setting Description

Year 2, Week 12, Find adjectives and other words with the same meaning

Year 2, Week 12, Link a book to your own memory

Year 2, Week 12, Beach shape poem

Year 2, Week 12, Lego Multiplication

Year 2, Week 12, Maths Around the Home Challenge

Year 1, Week 11 - Bubbles Story Mountain

Year 1, Week 11 - Bubble Story Writing

Year 1, Week 11 - Telling the Time

Year 1, Week 11 - Sum Up

Year 1, Week 11 - The Girl and the Dragon

Year 2, Week 11 - Book Review

Year 2, Week 11 - Find Interesting Words in Your Book

Year 2, Week 11 - Find things to Turn

Year 2, Week 11 - Leaf Arrays

Year 2, Week 11 - Questions for an Underwater Creature

Year 2, Week 11 - Thinking Tom Shape Problem

Year 1, Week 10, Book Review

Year 1, Week 10, Pirate Suitcase

Year 1, Week 10, Story Starters

Year 1, Week 10, Sentence Checklist

Year 1, Week 10, Thinking Tom and Tim Addition

Year 2, Week 10, Make Games using your Books

Year 2, Week 10, Day at the Beach Play

Year 2, Week 10, Sentence Checklist

Year 2, Week 10, Telling the Time

Year 2, Week 10, Thinking Tom Coin Activity

Mr Guy's Sports Quiz

The Night Pirate’s Story Beginning

Year 2's Everything will be OK

Staff Thank You

A wonderful Message from the Year R's

A Lovely Message to you All!

Get Active with Mr Guy

Sports Mark MAy - Launch Video

Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday

Hello Everyone!

Shark in the Park

Always and Forever

Little Red Riding Hood

Each Peach, Pear, Plum

How to be a Lion

The Highway Rat

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Big Red Bath

There's A Dragon in My Book

The Colour Monster Goes to School

You're Called What?

Noisy Farm

The Bad Good Manners Book

The Go Away Bird

I am a Tiger

The Shark in the Dark

Spider Sandwich Story


Hairy Maclary

Norman the Snail with the Silly Shell

The Jolly Postman

Mr Wolf and The Three Bears

The Lost Penguin

Meerkat Mail

The Tiger who came Tea

Supertato - Veggies in the Valley of Doom

Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

Cued Articulation - a-f

Cued Articulation g-j

Cued Articulation k-o

Cued Articualtion p-t

Cued Articulation u-z

Phase 3 Phonics with Rhymes

Phase 5 Phonics with Rhymes

Letter Formation - Curly Caterpillar Letters

Letter Formation - One Armed Robot Letters

Letter Formation - Zig Zag Letters

Letter Formation - Long Ladder Letters

Number Formation

5 - Counting and Multi-representation

6 - Counting and Multi-representation

7 - Counting and Multi-representation

8 - Counting and Multi-representation

9 - Counting and Multi-representation

Top Maths Tips