School Meals

School Meals

HC3S is your school meal provider and the catering partner chosen to provide nutritious and tasty meals in our school. Their website is: HC3S website.

View Your School HC3S Menu: November 2021 – April 2022
  • Weekly HC3S Menu Choices Here
  • Week 1: Week Commencing: 1 Nov, 22 Nov, 13 Dec, 17 Jan, 7 Feb, 7 Mar, 28 Mar
  • Week 2: Week Commencing: 8 Nov, 29 Nov, 3 Jan, 24 Jan, 14 Feb, 14 Mar, 4 Apr
  • Week 3: Week Commencing: 15 Nov, 6 Dec, 10 Jan, 31 Jan, 28 Feb, 21 Mar

If your child requires a special dietary menu please can you contact HC3S directly to arrange this.

We are a Nut Free School:

Although we recognise that this cannot be guaranteed, Cupernham Infant School aims to be a Nut-Free school to reduce the risk to those children and adults who may suffer a reaction if exposed to nuts to which they are sensitive.

  • Please do not allow nuts or nut products in lunch boxes that are brought in from home.

Our “Nut-Free School” means that the following items should not be brought into school:

  • Packs of nuts
  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Chocolate Spread (made with nuts) sandwiches
  • Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts
  • Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts
  • Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction to sesame)
  • Cakes made with nuts

We do not use nuts in any of our food prepared on site at our school. Our suppliers provide us with nut-free products. However, we cannot guarantee freedom from nut traces.

  • We also cannot give out any sweets or cakes brought in from home to be given out as birthday treats.