School Meals

School Meals

HC3S is your school meal provider and the catering partner chosen to provide nutritious and tasty meals in your child’s school. Their website is: HC3S website.

From Monday 14th June: 

Still adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be 2 lunch options available: Healthy Hot Packed Lunch OR Healthy Picnic Lunch (vegetarian and special diets will also be accommodated).

Healthy Hot Packed Lunch
  • Monday – Pork Sausage Roll or Vegetarian Sausage Roll with Diced Potatoes
  • Tuesday – Chicken Goujons or Vegetable Goujons in a Tortilla Wrap
  • Wednesday – Homemade Pizza with Potato Wedges
  • Thursday – Pork Sausage or Vegetarian Sausage in a Hot Dog Roll
  • Friday – Fish Fingers or Vegetable Goujons with Chips
Healthy Picnic Lunch (New!)
  • Monday – Cheese roll
  • Tuesday – Ham roll
  • Wednesday – Tuna roll
  • Thursday – Cheese roll
  • Friday – Ham roll

All lunches (both healthy hot packed lunch options and healthy picnic lunches) will come with Vegetable Sticks, Fruit and Pudding of the day. On some days there maybe an additional snack included i.e. a slice of sausage roll, pinwheel or a small pasta pot.

If your child requires a special dietary menu please can you contact HC3S directly or call the school office on 01794 514494 to arrange this.