Class Induction Sessions

Class Induction Sessions

Our Induction Programme for September 2022

Throughout our Summer term our staff will spend time gaining information from your child’s pre-school/childminders. We will then invite you to school with your child:

Stay & Play Sessions  – Thursday 16th or Friday 17th  June with 1 parent/adult 

This is an opportunity for you and your child to visit our school and familiarise yourself with our environment.  You will be able to explore the exciting learning & play environment together. We ask for one adult per child and no other siblings please.

  • Sparrows Group A – 1.00-1.45pm Friday 17th June
  • Sparrows Group B–  2.15-3.00pm Friday 17th June
  •  Wrens Group A-  1.00-1.45pm Thursday 16th June
  • Wrens Group B– 2.15-3.00pm Thursday 16th June
  •  Penguins Group A–  9.30-10.15 am Friday 17th June
  • Penguins Group B–  10.45-11.30 pm Friday 17th June


Songs and Rhymes – Wednesday 29th June (No parent/adult to attend)
  • Sparrows Group A –  1.45-2.15pm Wednesday 29th June
  • Sparrows Group B – 2.30-3.00pm Wednesday 29th June
  • Wrens Group A –  9.30-10.00am Wednesday 29th June
  • Wrens Group B – 10.15- 10:45 am Wednesday 29th June
  • Penguins Group A – 11:00-11:30am Wednesday 29th June
  • Penguins Group B –  1:00-1.30pm Wednesday 29th June

You will be requested to stay with your child on these sessions we ask for one adult per child and no other siblings.


Search & Find – Tuesday 5th July 2022

This a great opportunity to come and explore our outdoor grounds with your child and other siblings in a fun and active way with one or both parents.  4.30 – 5.30pm

Stay & Play Sessions – Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th July (No parent/adult to attend)

These sessions combine a more structured session with playful activities.  Allowing the children to be on their own.

  • Sparrows  Group A–  9.30-10.15am Thursday 14th July
  • Sparrows  Group B–  10.45-11.30am Thursday 14th July
  • Wrens Group A –  9.30-10.15am Wednesday 13th July
  • Wrens Group B –  10.45 – 11.30am Wednesday 13th July
  • Penguins Group A –  1.00 – 1.45pm Wednesday 13th July
  • Penguins Group B –  2.15-3.00pm Wednesday 13th July

Parents will have the opportunity to meet with other parents at this session, staff and governors will be in the Community Hall at the Juniors. It is at this session when you will find out which induction group your child is in starting.