Vision & Values

Published Monday, October 8th, 2018
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Vision & Values


  • All children secure essential skills and knowledge in a challenging, creative and engaging curriculum which is built on caring and trusting relationships.
  • We are passionate about creating lively, purposeful learning so all children make progress and gain confidence, showing enjoyment of learning.
  • We nurture, model and teach mutual respect, high expectation and personal ambition with the aim that all children grow into responsible and caring citizens.
  • Our provision equips children for positive change, growth and personal development to become rounded, caring and successful adults.
  • We strive for continual improvement to create a thriving learning culture for all in our school.


◊Working Together

  • School is about developing effective social skills, clear communication and collaboration to be able to bring out the best in each other.
  • We consistently promote mutual respect and we build our community on high expectations and team-based learning.

◊We are Caring

◊Lively Learning

◊We want children to be curious and questioning as they explore and respond to real challenges in their learning. So:

  • Children are self-motivated and have personal ambition
  • Children thrive through high quality learning
  • Children develop ‘staying power’ in responding to challenge
  • Children’s social skills enable collaborative learning

We offer children a range of on-going and enrichment experiences so they are challenged to think creatively, to imagine and play with ideas so as to make links in their learning. All the time specific skills and attitudes will be being developed so that our children show

◊We Celebrate Success

  • Success is personal and special.
  • Children are motivated by a broad creative curriculum with personal development at its heart.
  • Real learning goals are only achieved through high effort, working through mistakes and consolidating with focused practice.

Together we care, we learn and we enjoy success!