Nightingales Weekly Timetable

Can you help create our Cupernham Caterpillar?


Lesson plans – Week Beginning 1.3.21

(the lesson plans will guide you through each days learning and activities)

1 PDF of ALL Printable Resources for week beginning 1.3.21

Live Session Timetables 

Phonics – -le words

Literacy –  Video,    Elephant on a Bubble Picture,    Elephant on a Bubble,

Maths – Act A – Video,    Act B – Video,    Warm up – Adding to 30 Board Game,    Act A – Addition Sums,     Act B – Addition number Sentences,    Act C – Word Problems,    Ext – Digit Game

PSHE – Rights and Responsibilities


Phonics –   -dge words

Literacy – Video,    Story Mountain,     Sailing on a Dream Picture,    Sailing on  a Dream Story Writing Extension,

Maths – Act A,    Act B,    Act C,    Challenge

PSHE – People who help us:   Powerpoint,    Flowers


Phonics –   -tion words,

Literacy – Hot Air Balloon Picture,    Hot Air Balloon

Maths – Blank Clock Faces,    Act A – Reading Time,    Act B – Word Problems,    Act C – Time Problems,    Extension

Science – Animal Groups,    Grouping Animals

Assembly – Whole School Assembly


Phonics –   -kn Words

Our World Book Day Celebrations – Enter our Competition,  listen to super stories and Guess the Book from the clues

World Book Day Resources –  Competition,    Emoji Guess the Book

Maths – Warm up – addition and subtraction,    World Book Day Problems


Reading Comprehension –

How the Kangaroos got their Tails Activity Card

Paul the Lucky Octopus Activity Card

The Great White Shark Activity Card

What Plants Need to Grow Activity Card

Geography – Comparing Australia and UK

Lesson Plans and Resources – Week Beginning 22.02.21