Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum GOALS

  • Every child will achieve essential knowledge, flexible skills and positive attitudes so as to enjoy future personal success in making valued contributions to society.
  • Every child is valued as an individual whilst learning the importance of social justice and collaboration. Mutual respect and high expectation bind us together as ambitious learners.
  • We nurture creative thinking, knowing the power of reflection, the importance of focused discipline and the spark that curiosity ignites; fuelled by imagination and hard work.
  • We are passionate about entitling all children to enjoy learning which is purposeful and responsive to what we know about how young children thrive in early years’ education.


  • Curriculum themes are purposeful, inter-linked and follow children’s interests.
  • Learning environments are stimulating and support independence but also nurture through familiar shared routines.
  • Flexible groupings and responsive provision meets all children’s needs, provides challenge and boosts progress.
  • Regular whole school events celebrate diversity and enrichment through different ways of learning and working together.

Our Curriculum IMPACT

  • All children grow as rounded, caring and responsive individuals with personal ambition.
  • All children show positive attitudes for learning, apply essential knowledge and learn to use skills flexibly and purposefully. They are well prepared for Junior School education.
  • All children, regardless of starting points, enjoy personal success and good progress.
  • We are all part of a thriving learning community in which we celebrate each other’s success

How we will EVALUATE our Curriculum

  • Every child is expected to make strong progress and we aim for high achievement both in core subjects but also in the wider curriculum
  • Everyone feels valued and is aware of both personal strengths and development needs.
  • We are open and responsive learners which means taking risks, making mistakes and showing resilience to find new solutions. This is evident in the impact of school improvement.
  • Our children generally happy and confident. They show pride and personal engagement in school life and they know they are valued as individuals.