Cupernham Infant School

Together we care, we learn and we enjoy SUCCESS!

Responsible Roles

Taking Responsibility

All children are involved in creating and respecting their class codes and in ensuring that our school is a caring, happy, positive and calm environment for learning and playing. They follow a simple code making good choices:

'Be kind, be safe, THINK!'

Children throughout the school routinely take responsibilities, including:

  • Taking registers
  • Lining Up Safely
  • Earning tokens for positive lunch-time and lunch-hall behaviour. Which class will win the Golden Spoon?
  • Children help sort, clear and organise resources in their classes including helping to manage the care of IT equipment.

Children with particular skills can apply for or be nominated (& voted for) to be part of specialist teams and organisations including:

  • School Council
  • Library Learning Leaders
  • Health and Safety Team
  • Craze Crew
  • Playground Pals
  • Litter Busters
  • Art Ambassadors

Here are some photos of our children taking part in some of their team activities!