Year 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning



Week Commencing Monday 13th July




Returning to school:




Phonics/Grammar Focus


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    • Play football and practise your spelling and maths with the Premier League Stars. Choose your team and take on the goal keeper










Archive Home Learning:



  • Ongoing Project –  This week we want you get creative and create a beach collage. This could be out of materials you have at home, natural materials you have on your daily walk or whatever you can find! Have fun creating!
  • Ongoing Project –  At the beach on a sunny day there is nothing better than to have a lovely cold ice cream… As you know, beaches are all over the world and in some places they don’t speak English and as a tourist it is really important to learn a bit of their language. We would love you to choose a holiday destination and learn how to ask for your favourite ice cream in another language. Please feel free to email your new skill to the teachers.
  • Ongoing Project – As you’re getting more and more knowledgeable about the beach and the animals that live there, we would like to challenge you to make, design or create your own creature to live on a British beach. How will it move? What habitat will it live in? What will it eat (make sure there’s plenty of this available in its habitat)? How will it protect itself from predators? As always feel free to be as creative as you can to show us these creatures.
  • Ongoing Project – This week we would love you to research either sport, toys, technology, fashion or music from the 60s. A great place to start is the internet but you could remotely talk to people who were alive in the 60s. This could be a fact file, a video, a drawing, a poster… Please feel free to be as creative as you would like after you have found out the facts.
  • Ongoing Project – Can you research your favourite African animal and present it in an exciting way? You could create a poster, make a model, make a video, make a powerpoint…the options are endless!
  • Ongoing Project –We would love you to remind yourself of the continents and oceans of the world that you learnt in Year 1. There are lots of songs and poems to help you remember. We would then love it if you could focus on the continent of Africa. Can you find it in an atlas or on google earth. What can you find out about the continent by just looking at maps or talking to people?
  • Ongoing Project – As you start to learn more about Africa our focus country is going to be Uganda. While you are at home can you do some research about Uganda and present it in whichever way you like. You could learn an African dance, you could look up Ugandan food, clothes or schools. You could make a video explaining what life is like in Uganda. You could look at maps, videos online and google Earth to see if you can find out a little about the geography of the country. Good luck becoming an expert!
  • Ongoing Project – Now you are a beach expert we would like you to think about the kind of wildlife you find on British beaches. Using your science brains, can you look into the types of creatures and animals that live on British beaches and their habitats. You could add some of these animals to your model from last week
  • Ongoing Project –  This week we would love to know your questions for the year 3 teachers if you are going to Cupernham Junior School. If you are going to a different school then you could always email some of your questions to them or have a look on their website. We will make sure that your question gets passed on and the Y3 teachers answer some of them!