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Year 2 Curriculum Lively Learning

Once Upon A Fairy Tale

What a fun topic to start the year! Who doesn’t love a fairy tale?

During this topic we will spend time learning about different traditional tales, characters and fairy tale lands. We will begin with becoming story tellers and retelling the Cinderella story, before discovering a very different sort of heroine from the Paper Bag Princess! Letter writing will be a focus as we write to Prince Ronald and tell him how Elizabeth feels! In DT we will design and make our own fairy tale shoes to suite our favourite character. Alongside this we will write dragon poetry, create Wanted Posters to catch the sneaky Rumplestiltskin and investigate what happens to chocolate when it is heated in Cinderella’s kitchen! Look out for when the school is overrun with characters on Fairy Tale dress up day!

Creative Week

This will round off our imaginative topic and we will be diving in to the story of Hansel and Gretel through the use of art, drama, dance and modelling. We look forward to sharing the outcomes with you!

Safe as Houses

Fire Fire! London is burning! This history focused topic sends us back to 1666 and the great Fire of London and the life of Samuel Pepys. We will be learning collaging skills to create houses and be creating exploding fireworks pictures out of wax resist. Also we will be writing fire work poetry. After that we will be exploring the local area of Romsey which will include a trip down to the Abbey as part of our Christmas preparation. Then… sparkle, glitter, singing and all things Christmassy will be a wonderful way to finish the term and prepare us for the festivities!

Amazing Adventurers

From the adventurous Katie Morag to the courageous Florence Nightingale this topic is all about amazing adventurers. We will be heading to the battles fields of the Crimean War and the horrible hospitals where the wounded were sent, and to the isles in the North of Scotland for adventurers with Katie Morag. Stories, new paper reports and letters will be written. Pulleys and axles will be used to make Go-Karts and we will use our knowledge of maps and geographical features to help on our adventurers.

Out Of Africa

Out of Africa

Are you ready to travel to Africa!? Airport Day will take us across the world for us to discover about the different habitats, animals, and ways of life that happen across the globe. Our author focus will allow us to write stories and poetry set in Africa and there will be many opportunities for drama! We will look at art from different cultures and research areas that interest us about Africa. Alongside this there will be a visit to Marwell Zoo to see the African animals and the term will finish in a show-stopping theatrical extravaganza.

Groovy Growing

Green fingers is the aim of the game this term! We will be planting a variety of flowers and vegetable to find out the best conditions for growing, exploring the world of mini-beasts and becoming experts in life cycles- butterflies, much to investigate! I wonder what we will discover lurking in our local habitat!? Literacy will have a non-fiction focus and look out for our exciting riddles! Van Gogh will be a focus in art and we will become landscape artists when colour mixing and painting the world around us.

Coastal Chaos

Coastal Chaos

This topic is full of mischief and mayhem at the seaside! We will be going on adventurers with both the Clumsy Crab and Mr Grinling - and helping him get out a trouble! Alongside this we will be thinking about how to be healthy, writing instructions for a healthy delicious sandwich, making them and having a Mr Grinling picnic! The sea will be our inspiration for our clay tiles and our science learning all about forces will help us to keep fit! Look out for bikes, scooters and other fun sporting activities that use a force! Trip time - to make our topic even more exciting we will be heading to Lepe beach to complete a Seashore Safari, develop our geography skills and be creative in the sand!

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