Geography underpins much of our understanding of the people, places and the world around us. Therefore, at Cupernham Infant School our curriculum intends for children to foster a curiosity and fascination in the world around them as they begin to understand their place and role in the world.

By nature, Geography should be investigative allowing for the development of key concepts, knowledge and skills which are progressively built upon from Early Years to the end of Key Stage One. We are committed to providing children with opportunities to enquire about their local area of Romsey so they can develop a sense of what makes our local area unique and special and where this fits into the world on a larger scale. Our Geography curriculum is fundamental in broadening our pupils’ experiences and knowledge which they can draw upon to achieve in other subjects and throughout their lives. Inclusive teaching equips children with knowledge about people, diverse places and natural and human environments with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.


The National Curriculum for Geography aims to ensure that all pupils develop a conceptual understanding knowledge of globally significant places, the interdependence of human and physical processes and a competence in geographical skills to collect, analyse and interpret a range of data including personal fieldwork data, maps and aerial photographs.

At Cupernham Infant School our aims for every child are:

  • To develop an enthusiasm and love for geography based on their own curiosities and interests.
  • To provide a progressive curriculum which enables children to develop their competence in fieldwork skills and make connections to other people and places on different scales.
  • To ensure learning is high quality, relevant and enjoyable.
  • To question the world around them and problem solve.
  • To develop the key geographical skills needed to question, investigate and conclude personal fieldwork study, with growing independence.
  • To inspire children for their own futures.


To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Geography throughout Cupernham Infant School, we implement a curriculum that is progressive allowing for key skills and concepts to be revisited and developed to meet the growing academic needs of the children from Early Years to the end of Key Stage 1. Geography is taught as part of the integrated curriculum at Cupernham Infant allowing for relevant cross curriculum links to be made to enrich the opportunities for curiosity.

The Geography curriculum in Key Stage One at Cupernham Infant School is based upon the 2014 Primary National Curriculum in England, which outlines a broad framework of knowledge and skills to be taught within each different key stage. In Early Years, key aspects of Geography appear in Understanding the World, one of the four specific areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Lessons are planned to foster individual classes’ interests and delve deeper into specific areas of a topic using the children’s own initial questions. The Geography curriculum at Cupernham Infant ensures that the skills and knowledge taught is progressive from year group to year group. Children are equipped with knowledge, understanding and skills required to be a successful geographer.

At Cupernham Infant, we are fortunate to have ample space within our school grounds and be located within a wider area with many diverse geographical features within a short walking distance. From the beginning of a child’s time at Cupernham Infant, units of work and outcomes are carefully considered to ensure they have some meaning to the children and are relevant to the constantly changing world around us. We are able to use our impressive school grounds and local environment to teach the children about our local area through fieldwork study, giving them opportunities to utilise and interpret a range of geographical sources such as maps, aerial photographs and their own first hand observations from fieldwork. Using their findings from local fieldwork, they are able to make comparisons between their local area and other places both within the United Kingdom and abroad. Children are then able to make connections to how people and places might be similar or different from themselves at different scales; locally, nationally and internationally.

Throughout each topic, children are taught to use maps of various scales to locate physical and human features and collect data during fieldwork and conducting research using computer, iPads, books and photographs. Further opportunities to further foster their curiosity are encouraged through the school during our weekly Picture News class assembly where children can ask meaningful questions and give their opinion in a safe, nurturing environment.


At Cupernham Infant School, we care about the development of each child as a whole. Our Geography curriculum and learning environments aim to excite children through relevant learning hooks creating awe and wonder encouraging children to be creative problem solvers, open minded thinkers and reflective on our place in the world.

The skills they acquire during their geographical learning should allow children to offer informed, valuable contributions to class discussions and offer strong foundations for them to ask key questions about the constantly changing world around them. We aspire to promote children’s independence and for all children to take responsibility for their own learning.

Throughout Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children will be assessed by their teachers through formative assessment, images and videos of children’s learning, books and pupil voice to establish children’s successes and identify their next steps in their learning journey.

Geography Subject Overview:

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