At Cupernham Infant School we strive to ensure maths is delivered in a meaningful way which is purposeful and relevant to the children. We believe it is important to create a positive attitude surrounding maths to ensure children’s love of mathematics flourishes. Children are provided with opportunities to problem solve and develop their curiosity surrounding numbers.

We provide a broad and ambitious maths curriculum where children begin to make links between their knowledge and build upon these, enabling them to grow their independence when solving a range of problems. It is our aim that these problem-solving skills will enable children to be lifelong mathematicians and approach all situations with a can-do and positive attitude.

Learning is carefully planned to ensure all children meet their goals and children reach their potential, constantly revisiting their learning to develop rapid fluency. Our inclusive curriculum means all children


  • Instil a lifelong love of maths.
  • Build fluency within the fundamentals of mathematics.
  • Develop children’s recall and ability to apply mathematical knowledge accurately, building in rapidness.
  • Develop children’s problem solving skills, including real-life scenarios.
  • Provide children with opportunities to explore a range of resources to enhance and reinforce their mathematical understanding.
  • To scaffold children’s explanations of their learning using mathematical terms.


At Cupernham Infant School we take a mastery approach towards maths and through our rigorous planning we ensure children’s knowledge is developed. We allow children time to revisit their learning to develop a deeper understanding and to form more consistent connections within their learning.

We believe it is crucial that children have secure foundations in the key functions and areas to enable them to develop along their journey. This ensures skills can be built upon year after year and provides children with a range of opportunities to explore these skills in a range of settings and scenarios.

We follow the EYFS framework within reception and then the National Curriculum supported by resources such as I see reasoning and many more. All children across the school receive opportunities to explore mathematical activities daily and develop their mathematical knowledge.

Every class has cue cards visible on their working wall following our say it, make it, draw it, write it, explain it, and are encouraged to use these throughout their learning. It is our aim that this process enables children to develop a secure and rounded understanding of mathematics, making informed decisions about the use of resources and recording their maths in their own way.

Maths is intertwined throughout our curriculum to expand children’s knowledge and allow children to make links between their maths knowledge and real world scenarios, which they can relate to on a personal level.


Our aim is for all children to leave Cupernham Infant School with a secure understanding of the key mathematical concepts and to be able to apply these within a range of scenarios. Children will be able to understand, recall and apply their Mathematical knowledge, with increasing fluency. It is important that children leave our school with a secure understanding of mathematics in order to solve a range of problems. They will be able to select appropriate resources and knowledge to aid them in solving these problems and explain their mathematical thinking behind these choices.

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