Cupernham Infant School

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Sports Funding Matters!

How Do We Know it is Having an Impact?

The impact of our PE expenditure has been clear.

This year we have achieved the Silver Sportsmark and pupil conferencing has shown a positive attitude towards PE. Many children mentioned the involvement in the Gym and Dance competitions as a highlight.

Sports Day

Sports day was a huge success with lots of positive feedback from parents and children. We made good use of our new multi-skills equipment by competing in various different field and track events.

Level 1 and 2 Dance Competitions

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed learning a dance taught by Mountbatten Sports Leaders. They then competed against one another in teams. After extending and improving their routines they competed against North Baddesley Infants.

We were proud of our dancers gaining the following awards:

  • Year 1: First and Third Place
  • Year 2: Second Place

We also promote dance through running a weekly after school club: The Dance Club recently led a celebration at our annual Summer Fayre, performing to everyone and then encouraging a "mass participation"!

Level 1 and 2 Gym Competitions

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed learning a routine taught by gymnastic teachers. They then competed against one another. The winners went on to compete against North Baddesley Infants.

We were proud of our gymnasts gaining the following awards:

  • Year 1: Second Place.
  • Year 2: First and Third Place

We also promote gymnastics through running a weekly after school club. We aim to liaise with our Sports Partnership with a view to taking part in a wider inter-school competition in 2017.

Multi-Skills Festival- Competition with North Baddesley Infant School

We were really proud of our competing teams from years one and two, with year one winning the girls’ event and the boys and girls in year two both gaining first place!

Sports Relief

We had a huge amount of fun taking part in sports relief and it was another opportunity to raise the profile of sporting activities and keeping healthy whilst raising money for good causes. In the morning we all took part in an "aerobathon" which involved each class taking part in a nonstop aerobics session. Mrs Hartwell who is an aerobics teacher kindly started it off by showing us a range of aerobic moves.

Each year group then took part in a triathlon which involved trying 3 different sports. We made excellent use of our new equipment playing football, hockey and various other sporting activities.

Race for Life

We raised an amazing £3,087 with everyone in school taking part in a sponsored fun run. We aim to make this an annual event and to include Woodley Pre-School and Cupernham Junior School if possible for a whole site celebration of stamina, health and running!

Sports Board

We now have a sports board in our foyer opposite the hall to inform the children of the latest events, update on new equipment and celebrate the latest sporting achievers.

Sports Funding 2015-2016

Since 2013, primary schools have been allocated secure funding to promote PE Teaching and Learning.

The government has provided £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 for primary school sports funding. The funding is being jointly provided by Departments for Education; Health; and Culture, Media and Sport.

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools and schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

Expenditure 2015/2016

Expenditure Cost Intended Outcome
Gym Resources – benches & mats £1200 Improve teaching of gym – teachers will have access more modern and age appropriate resources.
Gym Resources - Replace and upgrade gym mats £397 Improve teaching of gym and maintain safety.
Multi-skills resources £3000 Improve teaching of multi-skills – teachers will have access to a wider range of high quality resources. Children will be able to better apply skills because the equipment range provides for a more specific focus on a wider range of skills.
Staff CPD – Multi-skills £128 Development and progression of skills using new equipment, building upon existing expertise.
Year group multi-skills equipment £860 Develop the provision for physical activity through the focused teaching and learning of specific skills and clarity of progression (linked to OT and training materials for children with specific needs.)
Mountbatten school – Personal Best Education (including staff cover) £1600 Participation in intra and inter gym, dance and multi-skills competitions, support with planning and staff CPD. This gives an opportunity for all children to participate in wider competitions and increases motivation and the profile/ celebration of children with particular sporting talents and aptitudes. We already link (through local partnership) with clubs and coaches able to extend able pupils by attending after school clubs (both at school and in the locality).
Improved outdoor facilities and equipment £450 To enhance provision for active play and break time and lunchtime. This will promote play-based activity, informal leadership and team skills and healthy lifestyles.
Play Leaders Training £275 Train Year 2 children up to use playtime play equipment. Children will have an enjoyment of using a new range of sports equipment during playtimes.
Non contact time for PE co-ordinators £1000 To provide coaching, feedback and support to improve PE provision
Total £8910