Cupernham Infant School

Together we care, we learn and we enjoy SUCCESS!

Who's Who 2018-2019

The staff at Cupernham Infant School extend a warm welcome to you!

Head Teacher: Mrs Clark

Deputy Head Teacher: Miss Kirby

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Turski


Admin Manager: Mrs Cron

Admin Officer: Mrs Thompson

Admin Assistant: Mrs Woffenden


Penguins Teacher: Mrs Parry

Penguins LSA: Mrs Lake

Sparrows Teacher: Miss Mabbutt (Year R Leader)

Sparrows LSA: Mrs Kinally

Wrens Teacher: Miss Farmiloe

Wrens LSA: Mrs Codling

Classroom & SEN Year Group Support: Mrs Morgan

Hummingbirds Teacher: Mrs Hellings

Hummingbirds Teacher: Mrs Birkinshaw

Hummingbirds LSA: Mrs Ferris

Owls Teacher: Miss Appleby

Owls LSA/HLTA: Miss Boiles

Robins Teacher: Miss Kirby (Year 1 Leader)

Robins LSA: Mrs Simons

Classroom & SEN Year Group Support: Mrs Watkinson

Kingfishers Teacher: Miss Freeman (Year 2 Leader)

Kingfishers LSA: Mr Whalvin

Nightingales Teacher: Mr Guy

Nightingales LSA: Miss Whitfield

Woodpeckers Teacher: Miss Lowden

Woodpeckers LSA: Mrs Brown

SENco Teacher: Mrs Pattison

SALT: Mrs Brown

1:1 Support: Mrs Drummond

1:1 Support: Mrs Grimes

1:1 Support: Mrs Kibbey

Senior Supervisory Assistant: Mr Whalvin

Senior Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Watkinson

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Abbott

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Canham

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Davies

Supervisory Assistant: Miss Fowler

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Jenkinson

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Langran

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Mayor-Angon

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs O'Hara

Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Stevenson-White

Supervisory Assistant One To One: Mrs Drummond

Caretaker: Mr Tillyer

Cleaner: Miss Long

Cleaner: Sharon Turner