Accepting Your Place

Accepting Your Place

To confirm your acceptance of your place:

Please bring all documentary evidence into the school office by Tuesday 2nd May 2023:

  • Evidence of Date of Birth: Please bring in your child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Evidence of the address used in your application: please can you bring in a recent household bill, for example a gas, electricity, water, or Council Tax bill or a recent bank statement, credit card statement, or store card statement.

If your address is different to the address used in your application:

  • Evidence of a different address to the address used in your application: please bring in a solicitor’s letter confirming that exchange of contracts has taken place, or a signed tenancy agreement (usually for a 12-month period).

We will:

  • Photocopy your evidence.
  • Ask you to submit your details regarding your current pre-school name and your contact details (for communications from us and Tapestry).
  • Provide you with a letter confirming the next steps which includes New Parents Evening details and Induction days and times.
  • Give you 2 forms for you to take away and complete (Hampshire Registration Form and School Forms Booklet). Please return these as soon as possible to enable us to start processing your information.